On-the-Go Products: Living Gluten-Free

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Have  you ever been in  a rush, so you starve yourself, or you take the risk with something with gluten in it? Then, cautiously you take one bite, and that’s your day wasted, spent having the shits on the toilet. I know I have.

It may sound dumb that I have risked becoming ill when I know I am allergic to gluten. However, as a full -time student and someone who travels, I know from time to time preparing gluten free food can be a nightmare.  Baby bloomers always say with such encouragement supermarkets sell GF  bread now?  And with an eye roll, I say “Yes but have you  tried this?”, I don’t particularly like eating pieces of cardboard.

Here, I will enlighten you on the best ready-to eat GF products available, you can pick up to fuel your busy day.


Are you watching the pounds? Boots can make you look like J-Lo faster than any other store. At £3.39* you can purchase an inexpensive low calorie meal deal. Portion sizes are not the largest but provide value for money. If you are also a ‘ Sushi whore’ you will be pleased to know GF soya sauce is included.

Seafood lovers can find a salmon and prawn salad, sweet chilli chicken sushi salad, sushi mini-rolls or a veggie quinoa sushi.

On the other hand, if you are a cheese addict you can pick up a Ploughman cheese GF roll.

My personal favourite:  When I picked up the sweet chilli chicken sushi salad I didn’t know what to expect.  To sum it, up it was an orgasm in my mouth. You must try it.

*Prices vary across regions.

Google image


Costcutter is my second heroic store, located right next to my University. The supermarket is not the cheapest at around £3 an item but you will never leave hungry.

I always debate buying the egg and watercress roll.  It tastes good but gives off a stench. I always think do people think I really smell like rotten egg.  I recommend you try this product but buy some chewing gum for after.

The chicken and lemon GF wraps taste better than they look.  The product is quite sweet due to the lemon. If you have a really sensitive stomach to acid avoid this product.

The tomato gluten free wraps, spicy chick peas salad and cheese and pickle sandwiches are pleasant vegetarian options.  It can be hard to  tell how spicy a product is.  I love spicy food in general, so naturally I often pick up the spicy chick peas salad. However, it is extremely spicy and makes me physically cry every time. I recommend you like spicy food or have a cold drink to hand, to enjoy this dish.

My personal favourite: Before I was diagnosed with being allergic to gluten I loved my BLTs.  This GF sandwich tastes like the ‘real deal’ and to date I haven’t found a better sandwich.

(I will take pictures when I return to University).


Quite frankly, Waitrose sucks.  The only GF sandwich product I found was the watercress and egg roll.

gluten free roll
Google Image

M & S

M & S comes up on trumps for the extensive range of GF products. The fillings in the gluten free sandwiches and rolls vary from store to store.

Sandwiches and Wraps

  • Cheese and Ploughman’s sandwich
  • Ham salad sandwich
  • Chicken salad sandwich
  • Egg and watercress sandwich
  • Cou sweet chilli and veggie sushi wrap


  • Chorizo and rice salad
  • Spanish chicken and bean salad
  • Coronation chicken salad
  • Co crayfish and mango salad
  • Chicken and tomato and basil pasta salad


My personal favourite:  I go to Spain every year, and have withdraws every time I leave.. so the Spanish chicken and bean salad is my favorite dish.  Please be aware, I am not sure if this product has been discontinued because I have not found it all summer!


TESCO GF options are limited when it comes to ready-to-eat products. It is disappointing that almost every salad contains pasta.  But if you don’t sleep the day away, early on you may be able to find a three bean mint salad (£1.35), TESCO Finest crayfish and mango salad (£3.50) or TESCO Finest four bean and mint salad (£2.10).

My personal favourite:  I love TESCO Finest crayfish and mango salad, I think this is attributed to the mango making it a sweet dish.  However, I always get sticky hands, so make sure you have hand wipes or have somewhere to wash your hands.

Google image


Sainsbury’s sells gluten free bagels and wraps to make your own lunch. A pack of 4 plain or cinnamon and raisin bagels costs £2.  Sainsbury’s comes in cheaper than TESCO who charges £2 for two bagels.  A packet of six wraps cost £3.50 in Sainsbury’s. Unless, you need the high fibre go for the white ones because they taste much better.  Also, use sticks to keep them together when eating or they will fall apart easily.


Google image

I have never found GF lunch products in Sainsbury’s, even when I ask the staff. Whether this is because they simply don’t sell them, the staff are untrained or as a self-proclaimed midget,  I am to short to find them.. is still an open-question.

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Have you found more products that are gluten free in these supermarkets?

Share your thoughts, to spread happy gluten free eating for everybody.

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