The Liebster Award 2017


I have been fortunate enough to receive not one but two nominations for the Liebster Award. These were from  John & Renee at   Drink, Eat, Ride   and Sella at   The Moms Life Cycle. I am so elated and so grateful that they chose me as one of their nominations. If you’re a newbie, sat there wondering what on earth the Liebster Award is, don’t worry I will explain all.

The Liebster Award is a recognition given to bloggers by bloggers that have less than 200 followers. The award is a fantastic way to support newcomers into the blogging community, to learn about and author behind the blog and to boost bloggers’ traffic. The overall idea, is that once you receive a nomination from a fellow blogger, you follow the rules (found here) and publish a post including 5-11 nominations of your choice.

I would also like to THANK John & Renee (the cool pair of Aussies)  and Sella for nominating me.  John  & Renee’s travel blog Drink, Eat, Ride provides great insights into beautiful destinations alongside food and drinks into the countries they visit. You should definitely take a look to get bucket list ideas, if you aspire or already are a keen traveller.  If you are a yummy mummy, or one to be .. then  check out Sellas blog! Sella lets you into a mothers world from pregnancy, shows you how to spruce up your little ones wardrobe and how to make mouth drawling recipes.

Okay, so let’s begin with TEN RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME… (I already know I am strange for the record).

1.My party trick is balancing things on my head, it must be really flat or something

2. My favourite smell is mint. Mint makes everything attractive to me. Chewing gum, mojitos, mint shower gel… I want it all.

3. The scariest thing I have ever done was cliff jumping from 15m. I thought I was going to die.

4.My favourite film is Good Will Hunting. I appreciate the storyline because I have always sucked at maths.

5.The first thing I notice about people is their teeth, I have an appreciation for good teeth. I think this is because I am so small (5ft1) so it the first thing I see at my eye level!

6.I find throwing tomatoes at strangers therapeutic. Yes, I said TOMATOES.

7.My biggest fear is sharks. I bleed a lot, they eat people and I don’t want to die that way. Say no more.

8.My worse habit is picking a scab on my head when I am tired. I can’t believe I just admitted that – disgusting, right?

9.I run like a penguin because I have flat feet – I blame Ehlers Danlos Syndrome for that one.

10. I believed for 24 years that Milan was the capital of Italy, until an Italian corrected me. I standby I was half right, it is the fashion capital after all.

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1.What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I like that my blogs help other people learn something new and I can acquire knowledge from other people too.

2. What do you do when you get writer’s block?

I usually take a long bubble bath as I sing to foreign music badly. Spanish music always give me creativity, I love it.

3.Give a tip for other bloggers or potential blog starters:

As my blog is only 2 weeks old I am not sure I am qualified to answer this one… I would have to say blog about something you are passionate about, so you can connect with readers and enjoy writing. Also, I would say don’t give up! Good things take time.

4. Is blogging a full time job for you?

I wish. Blogging is not a full time job for me, but I am find it really addictive and would love it to lead to other opportunities.

5.What has been your favourite country and why?

Spain is my favourite country because I desire a future Spanish husband. No seriously, it is my favourite country because I love the lifestyle, people, food and the language. The language sounds romantic, I have an excuse to sleep in the middle of the day… the people are so friendly and Paella is awesome – what more could you want!?

6. If you would live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Oh gosh, this is a hard question. I would have to say Sydney, Australia. All my friends that have been have all extended their VISAS, so it must have a special vibe to it that makes you never want to leave and it looks pretty!

7.Country or beach?

The beach has to be the winner but probably not for the reason you think. I actually never tan because I enjoy playing around in sand too much. My inner child comes out at the beach. You will find me collecting shells and building sandcastles. I have no shame.

8.What is the ultimate goal for your blog?

I want to create an online community that is able to learn from my blog about invisible and chronic illnesses and provide advice. If I achieve this, I would think it would be pretty AMAZING to write a book one day.

9. What advice would give someone wanting to travel?

My advice would vary on if the person had an illness or not. Soon, I will be publishing a post on this topic but my general advice is save money, research destinations and go  and catch the travel bug alone –- you’ll be free and experience so much more this way.

10. What post are you most proud of (got the most shares)?

The post I am happiest with is The chronically ill student’s quick-guide to success because  it is the one I published that others found the most useful.

11.What is your favourite travel quote?

I am not entirely sure this is a travel quote but “The world is your oyster” – William Shakespeare. I really like how this quote represents  that you can be capable of anything.



It is very difficult for me to pick just one blog because I enjoy reading a range of blogs on different topics. My favourite types of blogs are on food, lifestyle, health and travel blogs.

However, if I had to pick just one favourite it would have to be Kendel at Little Miss Adventures. Kendel writes engaging, creative content with such humour on her lifestyle blog. You can find anything from dating to parenting by Kendel as she opens up her world and welcomes you inside it. Every time I read one of hers posts I can’t help but sit there shrieking with laughter like a madwoman. There is a lot of truth in what she writes, which is also relatable to my own life. For example, her most recent on “The *6 Guys you’ll find on Tinder”, resonates with the troubles I have in my current dating life.


Congratulations everyone! I look forward to reading your answers and future posts.


1.What hobby/skill do you want to learn?

2. What is your biggest fear?

3. What made you begin blogging?

4.Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

5. What are your three favourite films and why?

6. What is your biggest achievement?

7. Where is on your travel list for 2018 and why?

8. Are you more of a peoples or animals person?

9. What do you hope to achieve from your blog? 

10. What is your hidden talent?

11. What advice would you given to someone considering starting a blog?

Thank you once again, John & Renee and Sella for their nominations and to all my nominees – I hope you have a blast, if you choose to take part.

Readers… why not get involved?

If you have a favourite blog – why not share it below?

Lots of Love,

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      1. Penguins are literally so cute and intelligent, so I’ll take it. Haha I know but I also thought I was going to be eaten by a Great White Shark… they live in Australia I was in Spain. I will never know how I passed my Geography GCSE but thankfully I surround myself with people who do know where things are in the world, and thank god for GOOGLE maps. x

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