The *10 Guys You’ll Find on POF


Online datingin 2017is like playing cards – you’ll never know what you’ll get.Yet, there are many reasons why you might turn to it. You may be disabledmaking meeting people more difficult. Or be a busybee. It’s fast for a hook up, you’ve been on the SESH and didn’t get anyattention or you’re a hopelessromantic thinkingyou’ll actually find someone. I am sorryto break it to you but this is highly unlikely

You may be wondering why on earth am I on POF?

Well, perhapsyou’re like me, you’re just interested to see what’s floatingaround  the marketwhilst needinga little ego boost. I’ve been a member of POF onand off since January and I’ve met one person in reallife. Although, I am not sure he counts, as he was a friend of a friend. If you’re curious he turnedout to be number #7… and like a typical girl, i still have a soft spot for him (at the back of my mind, of course)

I won’t lieI have heard success storieswith Tinder but POF is an entirely differentball game. Anyone can message you, so connectingwith people is fasterand in turn I’ve found much weirder. This post will enlighten you on the *10types of guys to avoidon it.

So let’s, begin…The *10 Guys you’ll Find on POF

1. The D*ck Pic Guy

No matter what dating app you use there will always be the d*ckpic guy. It is either the first message from him in your inboxor you tellhim you don’twant one and he sends it anyway.He is one horny rabbit… and an uglier version of the f*ckboy (#7). If you looking for no strings attached and you’re not too worried about the stateof his face… By all means crack on but it’s a NOfrom me

2. The Serial Dating App User

This guy will write a genericlooooong message and spam you like a recruitment consultant.

“Hey how are you darling, where you from? You have beautiful ______ (inserts a part of the body). How are you finding Tinder?”

Yeah you heard me, Tinder.

He will oftenget confused with which dating app he is usingto message you and then pretend he hasn’t. He is either shockingly badat pulling, is desperateto be with someone OR is using as many channels as possiblefor sex.

dating app

3. Mr Stalker

This typeof guy mayor may not live in your local area but claims he has met youbefore in a place you’ve neverbeen or not at the timethey’re stating. You will notice a guy is a bit stalkerish if he sendsyou messagesevery minute of every day and gets moody when you don’t reply. Another warning sign is when you don’t reply at all and he persistently sends ‘three hey messages’ in a row.

All I can say is be cautiousgiving your numberto this type of guy AND social media accounts. Before you know it – You’ll be receiving Snapchats, Facebook and Twitter messageswhilst he’s simultaneously trying to textand callyou. He will leave you voicemails asking why you brokeup when you wasn’t even together.

Unfortunately, when you blockhe’s number it doesn’t endthere. The stalker will wantto knowwhy you’re not interested and search for your place of work and randomlyspend time in it like it’s his second home to watchyou. This happenedto me on a couple of occasions.

Creeeepy ey.

If this does happen DO NOT leave work alone. Be politeof courseit’s your jobbut try to keepthe conversationto a minimumto prevent his infatuation heightening.

4. The Proposer

The proposer is a bit more complicated than the other 9 types of guys.Why?
Well he has sub-categories. You may receive a message proposing a range of things from a man such as; offering to shower you with giftsand money, paying you in exchange for nudes, wanting you to satisfyhis strange fetishesor… he desires a threesome.suugar daddy

If you’re liberal and want to make some money… you might like the thoughtof men buying you things or sending nudes for money.

Nonetheless, just remember once something is publishedon the Internetit can nevertruly be deleted. Also, if the buyerguy demands to meet you and not in a public place, virtually run that mile.

              It is better to be safe than sorry.

5. The Book Writer

This guy has analysed your profilein depth. He’s never met you but is already falling weakat the knees. He’s taken every single word from your profile and made an elaborate essayof why you would be perfectfor each other. As, you read the messageyou can’t help but eye roll CRINGE

Whilst wonderingif he has mental health problems, if he’s pining for a partner or just a bit odd as you move on to your nextmessage.

6. The Cheater

He is one shady mother f*cker.He spendsa lot of timemessaging you to keep up the single pretence but really is lookingfor ‘the other woman’. More often than not he will have his six packon displaywithout a photo of his face. This is so he can say it’s someone elseif he gets caught out.

If he’s in a long-term relationshipyou may find a picture of his face because he believes that he won’tget caught. Facebook ruinsthat. If he lives near you on in your localarea, chances are a friend of a friend will know him and out him.

His biowill say something like ‘looking for some fun’ whilst he would of entered ‘not looking for a serious relationship’ when he signed up. Try and stayclear of this type of guy. You may end up riddles with STDS, pregnant or heartbroken.

Or a triple hat-trick.


7. The F*ck Boy

If you’re not down with the lingo… The f*ckboyis someone who wants to get their d*ck wet ALOTand doesn’t carewho they screw overin the process. He is on heatlike a Duracell rabbit. He is usually very attractiveand give youthe impression he is into you when in realitythey are or planningto message multiple girls at once. He would of put ‘looking for a relationship’ on their profile when their not to make out there a nice guy.

Manyturn out to be this type of guy. You can guarantee he is looking for a ‘gap-filler’ girl and suggests ‘Netflix and chill’ or he will say ‘I’ll cook you dinner round mine’ on a Sunday evening. Once, you get involvedwith him he will say he has feelingsfor you, and then retract this saying he told you the situation from the off go. Then, when it suits he will state he has feelingsfor you again.

Simply, a mind f*ck!

duracell rabbit

He will get jealous if you speak to other guys but won’t want youto spend timewith his friends.By preventingthis, his friends can’t accidentally drop him in it that he is after all the m*nge in the world.

If your friends are also on POF he has likely sent them a cheekymessage too so it’s easierto identify the f*ckboy. If not then look out for texts in the early hours of the morning after his night like ‘You out? Want to come over for a drink?’ If you’ve just got out of a long-term relationship and you want fun go for it. Just always use protectionas you don’t know where he’s been. After all, women have needstoo.

8. Ex Garbage

As so many people are dating online don’t be surprisedif you come across your ex-boyfriendon POF. If you’re stillinto him *sigh* I know this can be tough but he will think you’re over it if he finds you on there too. Stay strong. Whatever you do, don’t message him… The past is the past for a reason!

9. The Chancer

Welcome to the ‘I favourite your account’ guy and sending you sparks.  Sparks are images from your profile that he likes and uses to starta picture conversation. That’s it really, you won’t hear from him again or at least not for a week or two, as he is probably favouriting everyone, tryinghis luck.

10. The Foreigner

He is on vacation and has locationsettings turned on. He is exploringoptions, claiming he wants to make friendsin the area and that he will moveto your countryone day. Really he is a temporary versionof the f*ckboy. He has photos with touristic places, and a solid tan (shouting foreign).

Oioi he is HOT. You thinkall is going well.

He speaks your languagewhat are the chances?

In truth, he WRITES it as good as Google translate. Once, you ask for a voice notethey make excusesand the conversations dies unlessyou can speaktheir mother tongue
You usually can find out their first dialect from their bio.


There we have it boys and girls. I hope you have found my FAILEDexperience of POF interesting.

Are you on a dating app?If, sowhy not comment below?

I would love to hear what type of guys you’ve met virtually or in person on it!

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I would love if you shared this post to let others know who they might come across before they sign upto POF.

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  1. I liked this … a good read thank you .. it has though inspired me to share my POF experience and how I met my partner …. I hope I shared the link to this post properly .. x


      1. Love your writing style, so fun and easy to read<33 but Oh no:( Don't give up hope love! My boyfriend and I met through online dating and like catscreation above, it's a miracle I found him 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gosh you make me happy I am not having to date. It’s complicated and men are not fun to deal with that’s for sure. Fingers crossed you find one that isn’t any of these ten.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh gosh – the world of dating can be so stressful and those dating apps can certainly be a breeding ground for people not looking for a proper relationships. It sure can be disheartening


  4. I was laughing so hard while reading your descriptions because they’re so in-line with what my friends using dating apps/sites tell me! I’ve been with my man for 6 + years but my girlfriends tell me the most outrageous stories. You’re spot on with what you’re sharing. It’s good you’re putting it out there to let others know what they’re getting into!


    1. Hi Mallory! Haha you are a lucky one but I’m sure your friends stories give you entertainment. At first me and my friends found it time consuming and if there’s anything I am good at it’s getting to the point aha so I hope some people find it a useful post xx


      1. Aaah … Rookie mistake … I just flipping DELETED your lovely comment on my blog… Is there a way I can get it back do you know?could kick my own bum sometimes … Thanks xx


  5. Funny post! :)) I’m not on any dating app and I find that interesting to read about failed experiences. I guess it must dangerous to meet some of these types of guys in person, especially the stalker. Hope that won’t happen to you. The technology has changed forever the way people meet and get into an intimate relationship. However, I prefer the old-fashioned way of dating for some reasons.


  6. I got divorced a year ago and have entered the crazy dating scene… You think as adults get older that the mind games would stop (I thought that was high school behavior) but much to my surprise I have dated a few of these types already and it makes me want to jump back into a relationship just to NOT have to deal with BS. I have a stalker guy right now, had the proposer, recently had the dickpick guy, and of course had the Fuckboy one too until I told him to play his mind games on someone else because I’m too smart and good for that BS (along with some other two cents I shared with him) He still says he misses me, but too damn bad! Anyway, I’ll bump into that nice guy some day and I’ll know he’s good by paying attention to all these other types and learning from them.
    Fun read and very accurate!


    1. Hi Eloise , it’s great you’re getting yourself back got there ! Ah yes typical behaviour of the f*ck boy saying they miss you. I hope you sort the stalker situation out . Haha that is so true !! We are savvy xx


  7. This article has me completely terrified of meeting people online. Period. Friends or anything more. I don’t know how you do it!


    1. Hey, I am sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. Of course, there is always the choice not to meet the people in person! Everyone needs to be savvy online. One of my future posts will be on how to stay safe online, when using online dating. If anyone chooses to do it/ is actively doing it. Morgan x


  8. Oh my gosh! This had me laughing out loud and saying wtf over and over. Haha. I’ve been married since I was 21 (almost 10 years ago) so I had no idea all of this existed out there. Lol.


  9. I have no experience whatsoever when it comes to dating apps or online dating. Somehow it feels like it makes dating a little more complicated than it already is, after reading posts about what the women experience. These guys though, you meet them regardless if you’re using an app or not. Lol.


    1. Hi Carol, thanks for reading. On reflection, that is true I suppose I just don’t see it as much as I am disabled and don’t have much experience dating the old fashioned way! Morgan x


  10. You’ve classed just about every type of guy and pulled up just the negatives. Most girls get bored sh!tress of generic messages. They’ll say something like “actually read my profile”.. “make an effort”… Do either of these and you’re a “book writer” or a “desperate creep”. The truth is all you’re here for is an ego boost, or a man with it all. The job the muscles the car the cue of woman behind him…. the absolute lot. And anyone less than that is a “insert b!tchy name here”. Why you come to POF, the infamous Fboy site notorious for people looking for a quick hookup and complain that prince charming isn’t around! How about you open with a message rather than slating our attempts which are never good enough. No one’s perfect… we can all find the imperfections and we can all phrase things in a way that supports our own agenda. Tell you what I’ll write the next article!


    1. Hello , I respect your opinion but I think your quite hostile towards my post. Sure feel free to write an article. I understand people do find love on it and I was writing it as light hearted humour . It wasn’t to offend anyone. I just wrote about my experience honestly and I have been stalked from it. Of course, there are more types of people but I can’t write forever. I don’t think I was complaining either!


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