7 Reasons to Beach it Benidorm

Benidorm, in the Costa Blanca region,  is Spain has been one of Europe’s hotspots for decades.  There is something for everyone… if you have not yet discovered it, here are 7 reasons on what you are missing out on.

1.Glistening Beaches

Two beautiful clean beaches in Benidorm are Levante and Poniente. Poniente is the longest beach, but less crowded.  Therefore, from a parent point of view it is easy to keep an eye on the kids.  If you love to sunbathe or want to give the little ones some shade, you can rent an umbrella and sunbed for the day.  However, it is recommended to take your own drinks because there are less bars near the beach.

Levante beach

Levante on the other hand, is filled with bars, restaurants and shops, perfect to pick up a refreshing drink or ice-cream. However, be aware it may be slightly tougher on small feet in the water, as it is rockier.   Whichever beach you choose you are guaranteed great panoramic views including Benidorms’ skyscrapers.

2. The Exquisite Coves

Benidorm has more than miles of sand. Tio Ximo and Almadrava coves are perfect quite spots to relax or snorkelling, located at the north end of the coast.


3. Balcon del Mediterraneo

The best view of Benidorm can be found between Levante and Poniente. Balacon del Mediterraneo also known as the castle viewpoint. The view is particularly stunning at night, with plenty of restaurants and cafes to grab a quick bite to eat.

the castle point

3. A Super Family-friendly Holiday

Benidorm is perfect for a family holiday, due to the activities it has to offer and hotels.


Magic Aqua Rock Gardens is one of the most family-friendly resorts in Benidorm. The quirky hotel has Water Park connected and extensive entertainment activities for different ages. If some alone time is sought, adults can relax on the roof top bar.

RH Princesa is perfect for families who want a slightly longer stay. You can take the stress of cooking away by opting for all-inclusive or half board booking based on a minimum of 7 nights. This hotel is especially attractive to young children, with extensive activities, a pool, a playground and a bouncy castle. Adults can relax on the onsite-spa and this hotel even offers a childcare service onsite… which enables you to explore some bars in the main strip – Calle Gerona to have a boggie and  let your hair down.

Aqua magic rock gardens hotel


Terra Mitica Theme Park

Terra Mitica is home to the longest wooden rollercoaster in Europe- Magnus Collusus. The amusement park is separated into different countries and is full of fun and thrills for the little ones. However, it is only open during the summer months (typically from April/May) and closes down around October time.

Mundomar Zoo 

Mundomar adjacent to Aqualandia, opens its doors from the 18th March.  The zoo puts on live parrot, dolphin and sea lion shows – guaranting day of smiles. If you are keen animal lovers you can even get up close and personal with the animals. You can also get some snaps with the animals and have a meet and greet with exotic birds.  For an extra cost you can become a trainer/ keeper for the day , feed penguins or have a dip with the sea lions.


4. Waterparks

If you fancy a day of wild splashes you will not be disappointed.  You can plunge into water at Aqualandia or Aqua Natura catching adrenaline on umpteen slides.   Then you can relax in the natural areas of have a look around the restaurants and shops.  Aqua Natura also shows a sea lion show daily.

5.The Sunny Climate

You can expect Benidorm to be relatively hot all year round, due to the mountains protecting it.  If you want to get a strong dose of vitamin D then August is the best month to visit, reaching up to 25℃ .  The coldest month you can expect is January at around 12  ℃

A sunny day at Poniente beach

6. The Cuisine

To try some authentic Spanish cuisine, head on down to Benidorms’ old town.   To find some tasty tapas look for Cadillac.    For a more luxurious experience a must is Ulia restaurant by Pointente beach.  The restaurant has mouth-watering Paella and fresh salads.  To keep those taste buds alive you can wash it down with some white wine or Sangria.

Do you have fussy children? Fear not, there are many great pubs that cater to the British palate.  Good choices are Corky’s Penny Farthing and Seven Stars. These restaurants also cater for special dietary needs, offering gluten-free and vegan/ vegetarian options.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you still wondering what is great about Benidorm?

7.Great Value for money

Benidorm is notoriously known for being perfect for those on a budget.  If you really want to save the pennies it is cheaper to visit in the following months; January, February, March, November and December.

Now you know why Benidorm is  perfect for a family-friendly holiday – why delay?

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Have you been to Benidorm.. and have any tips?  Why not join in the fun and share them below.


  1. The beach, the coves, the food, the waterpark, all the things that I love is in Benidorm and I did not know about it. Thanks for sharing. My list of places to visit is getting longer.


  2. That beach looks stunning and probably be where I would spend the majority of my time. I love that there are waterparks too though and great food!


  3. I would love to visit here someday! Your photographs are absolutely beautiful and the beaches are truly gorgeous to look at!!


  4. So I have been all over Spain but really havent spent much time at the Beach cept in Barcelona. But the Levante beach in Benidorm looks Amazing! You had me at cost effective and of course all the pics of pinxtos makes me want to jump through the picture and be there now!


    1. Hi Eric, I have travelled the whole of Spain. The beach in Barcelona I would say is average! There are also stunning beaches in San Sebastián and levante is gorgeous. Pinxtos are so funny and you should book a trip ! It was the cheapest holiday of my life x


  5. This is actually the first time I’m hearing of Benidorm. I’d love to visit, need all that sunshine in my life! It’s been doom and gloom winter weather here for a while.


  6. I’ve never heard of Benidorm before, but it looks like a fabulous place to vacation! The only place I’ve been in Spain is Barcelona when I was on a Meditteranean cruise. Those coves look gorgeous, and the waterparks sound like so much fun!


    1. Hello Indu, I would highly recommend Benidorm , Valencia San Sebastián , Barcelona , Granada and Sevilla to look at ahwh you decide to travel Spain I have been all over and these were my favourite places x


  7. The Levanta beach looks so tempting although all the beaches are incredible. Feel like packing my bags and leaving right now.


  8. These beaches look like they are absolutely incredible! I would love to take a trip and be able to see them and the coves in person.


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