Speak: A Poem Dedicated to Invisible Disabilities Week

Hey Everyone,

As Invsible Disabilities week is coming to an end, I thought  I would share another poem to help raise awareness .If you missed my first attempt at poetry I posted earlier  week,  about one one my invisible illnesses – Ehlers Danlos Syndrome you can read it by clicking the hyperlink.

Lots of Love,

my name


Invisible disabilities week,

What better time to open and speak,

To reinforce mental and invisible physical illnesses can be deterimental,

The chronically ill need others to be patience, kind and gentle.

For many of us there is no cure,

We spend out lies visiting hospitals and buying medication that makes us poor.

Flares, can hit us anywhere out of the blew,

Although, we are more productive some days – we are not lying to you.

The extent of our illnesses may not fully be known,

Sometimes we wish they could talk for themselves and be shown.

If we wish for one thing it would to be healthy,

As opposed to ruminating how much time we wasted sick in our twenties.

Invisible disabilities week lasts only seven days,

Please share this post ,to fight the stigma and make some more headway.

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