Chosen: An Original Poem about Fighting Depression

Hello everyone,

I have written a short poem about Depression to kickstart my poem month on the topic of mental health. At the bottom of the post is my schedule for the month.

For those of you who don’t know I have had clinical Depression since 2011. I wouldn’t consider this my best poem but thought I would share my ideas. Hope you enjoy and I welcome any feedback.


Am I chosen, chosen for death ?

I have been fighting for so long,

Can I stop and prolong my last breath.

Out of my mind with distress

It is time to open up and finally confess

I am lonely, sad and frightened

Losing all willpower and social skills

I must stop these feelings being heightened

It’s time for therapy again, to start to feel

To welcome happiness and joy

To slay the toxic people out

Instead of engaging in arguments, screams and shouts.

Now I must work to stand tall instead of exuberating excuses and being coy.

Like what you see? 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Not only is the poem moving, but I thought your introduction was telling in how well you’re managing. When you stated “it’s not my best” it showed so much strength. Sharing your vulnerability is amazing.


  2. Such incredible peom and the words are very touching. Great job on this one, my brother is into these kinda of thing and sure he would love to read it!


  3. Very open and honest poetry. You really dig deep to share a subject that sadly relates to many people. keep talking so that others know how you feel, its really important.


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