Uneasy: An Original Poem about Battling Anxiety

Hello everyone,

Here is the second mental health poem instalment out of four I will be posting this month.  This one is not meant to rhyme, but I hope you enjoy and welcome any feedback.



Nervousness, twinges and panic,

As my feet step onto the outside world,

I am sinking down into the ground, as fast as the titanic.

Worry, phobia, what will other people think?

Diverting the issue I go back into my shell

I think now its time to go an visit another shrink.


Zanex, you relax me but only temporarily,

Without you I exist but function barely.

Anxiety you have held me back,

Ruined relationships and broken my heart.

At times I have seen you tear my world apart.


Now I have hope, and will tackle you head on,

With good support around me I shall remain strong.

No more hurt, no more anger nor tears.

You will not win,  you shall not hold me back for further years.

Like what you see? 

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