Morgan’s Ehlers Danlos Support U.K Fundraiser

Hello Guys,

I am asking for kind donations of art materials from my Amazon wish list to make animal drawings and handmade jewellery to then make an Etsy shop and to sell to raise £250 for Ehlers Danlos Support U.K.

Originally, I wanted to walk a marathon but I broke my right ankle which is not strong enough to do this, so this is my alternative.

Although, I suffer from many illnesses include EDS, I have chosen this charity because EDS is incurable.

You can view my wish list here –

. If you would like a handmade bracelet for your generosity please contact me via Instagram @brainsandbodiesblog as purchases remain anonymous, on Amazon itself.

Also please be aware I am based in the U.K so please use that shop to prevent me having to pay import costs

If you are unable to donate I would appreciate if you could help me share my post.

Alternatively, if you would like to donate any art to be sold please contact me via

Below, I have included some pictures of the things I have made so far to date. Thank you for any support. Morgan


  1. Have you considered a gofundme or kickstarter campaign. They are excellent ways to raise money for good causes. The animal drawings are incredible and the chokers look super sexy! Great job!


    1. Hi thank you I didn’t want to ask people for money because I’ve heard a lot about online trolling so I thought it would be a great distraction from my illness to sell things to raise money ! Hopefully it will raise more than I could of asked for but if not I will try that instead and ask for donations for my art if I struggle to sell them xx


  2. I’m sorry you broke your ankle and plans had to change. But, it sounds like you’ve found a great alternative! My family does a lot of fundraising for the Crohn’s Foundation since my cousin has it, and I know it isn’t easy!


  3. Sorry to hear about your broken ankle and I hope it heals soon. GoFundMe is a terrific way to solicit support for projects and fundraisers and it’s perfectly okay for you to do so. That said, you do have an artistic bent and your items for sale should do well. Best wishes and hugs.


    1. Thank you I think it is competitive out there but all I can do is try! I made a go fund me page yesterday following yours and someone else advice but not so luck. However, I have raised many donations through Amazon and every little helps xx


  4. I love your art, it is so beautiful! Good luck with your fundraising. I hope you recover rapidly as well.


  5. This is such a great idea for a fundraiser (and for a cause that is near and dear to your heart, I know!) ! I know with my own health challenges in life, the feeling when I can go and DO something, rather than just sitting around with the latest bodily breakdown/symptom that there is something “wrong” with me, is always such a mood-booster!


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