Emotions: An Original Poem about Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Hello everyone,

Due to a change in personal circumstances I am not releasing the poem about losing someone to Depression. Sorry, I am a day late in posting this poem I had a long day at the hospital yesterday and just crashed. As always, I would love any feedback ❤️.

I will be releasing some more poems next month but I am taking a break from my typical blog posts to make art pieces to fundraise for Ehlers Danlos U.K.

I may make a new vlog in the mean time but would need to make a new channel as I stupidity did my first one of my uni account.

Morgan xx


Borderline Personality Disorder

People often mistake it for bipolar,

If it was easy as switching our moods off with a click of a button on a controller.

We can be mistaken as dramatic and trouble,

The truth is these people are ignorant , living in their solem bubbles.

We recognise we are not easy to handle,

Only if others could see past our frequent grumbles.

Splitting is simply a defence mechanism,

One of our only forms of escapism.

Deep down we want to be loved,

We are just scared of another person giving us that final shove.

A life for of unstable relationships, trust is nearly possible in minds like ours.

We are not playing you, breaking the rules of a game – to just receive another fowl.

We are emotionally unstable and bullying us could be fatal.

We are sorry we come across as rude at times but we promise you we are not ungrateful.

We don’t know whether we are coming or going or our own identities.

Simply, that is why we send mixed messages and lack empathy.

Please be patience those with borderline personality disorder,

Our minds operate in chaos, resembling professional hoarders.

We know we are not perfection but nor a disease.

Although, we are vulnerable – we don’t deserve to be treated like an infestation of fleas.

One wrong word can send us over the edge, to the world of death.

Don’t stand there guilty, contributing to our final breaths.

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