Dear Father: An Original Poem about Mental Health

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have a lovely new year.

Since, leaving the mental health ward, poetry has helped me communicate with my father and therapist about how I am feeling on a basic level.

I find Christmas a hard time, because the cold makes my joint pain and moods worse, and I feel quite lonely (being single now).  Today, I am sharing with you my latest mental health poem. Feedback is welcome, as always.

Lots of  Love,

my name

Mental Health Poetry

Trigger Warning: Suicide 

Dear Father

I am broken, destroyed – can I be saved?

As the underworld reaching out their elongated hands,

I can hear whispers, they can stop the pain and my mind enslaved.

It is tempting to be punished for all my sins – no one seems to understand.

Be happy and self-love they say, with many prayers you will be okay.


I have not succumbed to another suicide attempt, due to your unconditional love.

However, time is of the essence and I am not sure how much longer I can withstand.

No signs of a man caring about me or becoming my dear beloved.

This is not the livelihood I envisioned or planned.

Depression, is that never-ending tunnel – no one is fully exempt.

When the voices command, I loose control, cut the skin deep and ooze out blood.

Clearly, the Quetiapine and Sertaline cannot keep me fully contempt.

Therapists say, I need to forget the past and traumatic childhood.

Although, I relive it every time I shut my green eyes full of envy,

I am jealous of the healthy strutting around with invisible crowns on their heads.

When I awake, I look frightened as I am submerged in an ocean of my cries.

Yet, I still fight day by day to live, instead of torturing you my father from being dead.

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