50 Content Ideas: To Inspire your next Chronic Illness Blog Posts

50 ideas to inspire your next chronic illness blog posts

As a writer, you will probably are always thinking of great content to retain  traffic and boost engagement. You will also get the days when nothing seems to be flowing and hit the famous writers road block.I wrote this post to help existing blogs with new ideas, but if you have a chronic illness and don’t have a blog, don’t worry…  These ideas can be a great starting point for you to start one up – even like, me as a hobby.

I have made the topics quite generic but you could replace ‘chronic illness’ with your specific illness.  I have also broken the ideas down into sections, to try and help you find what interests you to write about easily.

The most important thing to remember is even if another chronic illness blogger has covered one of these topics, it doesn’t mean you can’t. However, you should not directly copy another bloggers content.  I hope this posts gives you some inspiration.

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50 Ideas: To Inspire your Next Chronic Illness Blog Posts


1.Gift ideas for those living with a chronic illness

2.What to say to someone with a chronic illness

3.How to have a productive day with a chronic illness

4.Ways to create a routine with a chronic illness

5. Tips on how to get a good night’s sleep with a chronic illness

6.Ways to deal with a chronic illness flare up

7.Tips on how to parent with a chronic illness (yourself or looking after a sick child)

8.Life hacks on managing your chronic illness

9.Ways to make friends with a chronic illness

10.Different types of mobility supports for your chronic illness

11.Ways to do a charity fundraiser with a chronic illness

12.   10 Must Read  chronic illness blogs in 2019

13. Ways to improve your chronic illness life

14. What a doctor couldn’t tell you about chronic pain

15. Top 5 blogging communities you should join in 2019


16.Tips on travelling with a chronic illness

17.Reviews if disabled friendly hotels / transport

18.Ways your assistance dog helps you travel


19.Ways to make money with a chronic illness

20.Ways to save money with a chronic illness

21.Tips on successfully crowdfunding with a chronic illness

22. Ways to get support from the Government for your chronic illness


Dealing with Loss

23.Different ways to grieve with a chronic illness

24.How to cope losing friends due to living with a chronic illness

25.How you have found new hobbies since your chronic illness diagnosis


26. Different ways to date with a chronic illness

27. When is the right time tell someone you’re dating about your chronic illness

28. General advice on dating with a chronic illness

29. Dealing with pain management & intimacy with a chronic illness

30. Tips on how your partner can help support you with your chronic illness

Personal Experiences 

31.Personal story about your chronic illness

32.Your journey to diagnosis with a chronic illness

33. What you wish people knew about your chronic illness

34. Your negative and positive experiences with doctors after your diagnosis

35.  How to create a beauty routine with a chronic illness


36.Tips on how to find a job with a chronic illness

37. Tips on dealing with discrimination in the workplace with a chronic illness

38. Types of reasonable adjustments you can request with a chronic illness

Mental Health

39. Activities that distract you away from your mental illness

40. Signs and symptoms of your mental illness

41. Ways social media affects your mental illness

42. The things Wikipedia doesn’t reveal about your mental illness

43. Personal story about your mental illness

44. Your experience of mental health therapy

45. Myths and facts about your mental illness

46. 10 signs your relationship is bad for your mental health


47.  Things to consider before deciding to go to Uni with a chronic illness.

48. Tips on studying successfully with a chronic illness

49. Tips on finding a work placement with a chronic illness

50. Why and how you should get a disability equality memo at Uni


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50 ideas to inspire your next chronic illness blog posts

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  1. I love this blog post. It has great ideas that will inspire all types of chronic illness bloggers. Thank you for sure a comprehensive list. I have saved to Pinterest and twitter. Thank you again and I love your site


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