DoTERRA Essential Oils for Pain Management: Product Review

DoTERRA Essential Oils

Hello guys,

Last year Amy Innes from Australia contacted me after seeing online, I had been in severe joint pain from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is an incurable connective tissue disorder, which causes widespread chronic pain.

Amy kindly sent me an introductory pack of DoTERRA to try and in return I offered to give an honest review. The introductory pack included: 5ml lavender, mint, and lemon DoTERRA scents.First and foremost, I would like to thank Amy for letting me these therapeutic grade oils. I wanted to use the DoTERRA oils over a course of a few months to see for myself if they really did help with the pain.

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DoTERRA Essential Oils

What are DoTERRA Oils?

DoTERRA is a brand of essential oils that are versatile. The oils can be used directly on the skin, mixed with another base oil and are even safe to put in food and drink. The pack comes with an instruction guide so if you don’t know how to use them, like I didn’t – then don’t worry.

DoTERRA Oils and Pain Management: Product Review

When I received my introductory DoTERRA package I massaged the lavender oil directly on to my skin. I found it helped soothe instant pain.  The best places the oils worked was on sensitive spots on my stomach and neck. However, for areas with more intense pain like my ankles I had to use more drops to relieve the pain.

DoTERRA Essential Oils

The next time I used DoTERRA , I tried mixing them with an olive oil base. You can use better base of oils to elevate greasy skin. However, olive oil worked fine for me and I found this enables the oils to go further being more value for money. I did not try any other base oils, due to being a poor University student. I found diluting the oils worked very well, as an aromatic spray.

My favourite way to use the oils was adding it to water in the bath. The mint scent was so strong and definitely my favourite. In the bath it helped relax my body but kept my mind awake, which was great when I needed to study.I chose to use the lavender scent in the bath instead, when I was trying to relax my muscles and mind to induce sleep. 

The lemon scent, is designed to work as a detox as opposed to relieve pain. Knowing this, I still tried the scent on my skin, but I didn’t really like the sensation, as it just tingled. Alternatively, I tried stirring it into water with a straw. The oil has a thick consistency but nonetheless a nice flavour. I liked adding the lemon scent into water because it was a healthier substitute to achieve flavoured water.


Although, I haven’t tried any other essential oils the mint and lavender DoTERRA oils did help with instant discomfort. I think a possible explanation for this is they are possess natural anti-inflammation qualities.

Overall, I am happy that I was introduced to essential oils that are synthetic free. This is extremely important as I have sensitive skin from another illness called Mast Cell Activation Disorder. I am happy that I did not have bad reactions from the DoTERRA oils, despite frequently coming up in hives.

Other DoTERRA Oils to try with Anti-Inflammatory Properties

  • Eucalyptus
  • Ginger
  • Tumeric
  • Frankincense

How much do DoTERRA Oils Cost?

DoTERRA single oils vary in cost dependent on the scent. There are a wide range to choose from but a 10ml-15ml can set you back around £12-15. Alternatively, you can find the introductory pack I tried, by speaking to Amy.

The most cost-effective option would be to buy a DoTERRA membership which costs $35 and you will get 25% off wholesale prices off any single oil. You can find out more about the wide range of oils available and how to join DoTERRA on Amy’s website or contacting her directly.


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