10 Ways to Earn Money with a Chronic Illness

A little while ago, I shared 8 Ways to Save Money with a Chronic Illness.

If you have a chronic illness, the prospects of working 9am-5pm can be unbearable, putting on a fake smile for customers to hide the pain…

If you do force yourself to do it, you are between a rock and a hard place, drained with no social life.

In this post, I have listed different ways you can make money with a chronic illness, which include some from the haven of your home.

10 Ways to Earn Money with a Chronic Illness

Online Tutor

If you have academic qualifications, you can teach students online via skype.  There are many websites you can sign up to including Tutorful and Tutor Hunt that allow you to make a profile and search for potential students. It is a common misconception, you need to have a degree to become an online tutor.

However, you could have some qualifications in the area you want to teach in. For example, you could teach a Business GCSE if you have completed in an A-level in Business. If you have just finished University – don’t worry, this may work in your favour. By completing a similar course, you will be more up to date with current teachings and assessments.


Online Translator

Speaking another language gives you an advantage to become an online translator. If you can’t speak a foreign language but English is your native language you could teach English to foreign students. You can find out more information about gaining an online TEFL qualification.

Clinical Trials

Did you know you can get paid hundreds with travel reimbursements to be a part of clinical trials? The only potential catch is you need to see if you are eligible. However, there are many different types of trials you can find online through websites like Covance.


To become a freelancer, you will be self-employed carrying work out for a business on a flexible basis. You can also have more than one role with a different business at one time.

Jobs that can be carried out by a freelancer include but not limited to: search engine optimisation, photography, graphic design, proof reading, bookkeeping, public relations and programming.

The benefits of becoming a freelancer is you can choose when you want to work, work from the comfort of your home and negotiate pay.

Online Business

 You could turn your hobby into an Online Business.  For Arts & Crafts enthusiasts you could build an online shop on Etsy or Conscious Crafties. However, there are other channels like eBay and Amazon Marketplace for more conventional products. If you have experience in websites, you could set up your own too.

Store Inspiration

I have recently set up a social enterprise making arts and crafts and donating a portion of the proceeds to Ehlers Danlos Support U.K. I am mainly working on chronic illness awareness gifts, at the moment – on my Etsy store Chroniccreationsgb.


If you have a driving licence, love animals and know how to look after them, pet sitting could be a great way to make money. You can choose whether you do home visits, overnight stays and dog walks.  Websites that connect pet sitters with owners include: Pawshake and Rover.


Okay, I may get ambushed for listing this one as not making money but if you are entitled to benefits and you are genuinely ill there is no shame in getting support from the Government. Types of benefits you could be entitled to include: Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Universal Credit and Disability Living Allowance.

Vlog or Blog

Starting a Vlog or Blog can take a lot of hard work to do product reviews and sponsored posts, AdSense or make money through affiliate marketing. However, if you are dedicated to making it a success and have good traffic it is worth a shot. You blog/ Blog doesn’t have to be about your chronic illness, but you will want to post on a regular basis and decide what you want to share with the world.

Part-time Office Job

Do you want to work but are worried you will have to jump through hundreds of hurdles? You could look for a part-time job at a disability-friendly employer or not disclose your illness until the offer stage.

A part-time office job could be ideal if you have a mobility issue and you may be able to claim benefits if you are working under 16 hours a week.

If you are not sure where to begin try looking at Incluzy and Even Break, which are job boards specifically designed for disabled people.  If you have a degree, then EmployAbility will widen your search.

ISA Bonds

ISA bonds are a saving account, where you receive interest and entered monthly cash prize draws. There may be thresholds you have to earn before you can withdraw money, so this method is not a quick win but is a great way to potentially earn money as you save.

So there we have it guys. I hope, I have given you some ideas on how to make money with a chronic illness.

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Lets raise awareness of chronic illness together.  View my handmade chronic illness awareness gifts at ChronicCreationsGB. A portion of the proceeds  from each sale are donated to Ehlers Danlos U.K.


    1. Hi Sheryl , thank you for retweeting it and including me on your issue 🙂 my handle is @morgan_141993. The icon might not of worked because when I post a blog it links to Twitter but if I am not on the app, I think I am logged out . And my social media share count is broken apart from Pinterest now although sharing articles still technically works xx


  1. Freelancing indeed gives you the freedom to make your own schedule and work when you can as long as you are being prompt to deadlines and responsive to your clients!


  2. Many of these are great ideas to make money even for those without chronic illness. But, it’s awesome that there are ways for everyone to earn an income.


  3. What great tips from you! Online Business is one of the great ideas to earn money by using social media accounts to promote your business


    1. Thank you 🙂 I don’t know how I forgot to include that in this post ! But yes I imagine for blogging / blogging social media is a good outreach and it has facilitated my private commission requests . X


  4. I am so happy your brought up benefits. Because sometimes that is all that’s possible. These are great ideas!


    1. Aww thank you Angela, it is so much harder to get disability benefits now , and on job seekers you have to try and show you are looking for work .. but it’s still worth a try xx


  5. These are great options for anyone homebound and recovering from major illness. Dealing with health issues can consume all of ones time so, having an outlet is key.


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